About BuildMart

BuildMart Is a smart platform that houses a wide range of building products and services from the leading brands in the building and development sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With an aim to facilitate individuals and professionals locate the best service or product they need to realize their dream projects, BuildMart stands as the first ever online marketplace for building products and services.

Our vision We envision ourselves to be the most comprehensive and completely specialized online marketplace for sellers and buyers, in the building and development sector, across Saudi Arabia - a one-stop-shop where you can find high-quality building products and services and have the accomplishment of your dreams and projects just a click away!

Our mission Is to establish BuildMart as the leading online marketplace reference for individuals and professionals, in KSA and neighboring countries, in the building and development sector. We strive to continuously update and improve our systems as well as our services to remain ahead of any competition.

Transparency Is key to our success. We believe that our transparent service and seamless experience to buyers and sellers on BuildMart both strengthens our relationship with our users and also simplifies the buyer-seller interaction by reducing all the painful offline procedures.

Trust In financial transactions is guaranteed by our extensive Payment Protection Policy. All users, whether buyers, sellers or service providers can rest assured that their money is safely held by us until the transaction is successfully fulfilled.

Quality Is a promise that we always maintain. Our team of dedicated professionals work around the clock to ensure that our users get the best-in-class experience, whether they come to us looking for a screwdriver or building a mansion.

At BuildMart, we all have a shared vision of delivering persistently great results for our clients, as well as ensuring the platform is an efficient, effective, comprehensive place to visit and use for commercial transactions.