How BuildMart works?

The BuildMart e-platform allows users to buy directly from a broad range of carefully selected list. This list includes the best and leading sellers and service providers in the Building and Development sector. Furthermore, it provides the option to request a proposal for any product(s) or service(s) you wish to purchase in this sector.

1. Direct buy:

The process is simple! Like other marketplace platforms, all you have to do is look for the product(s) you need using our advanced search tools. Then, compare the price of your chosen product to similar product(s) offered by different suppliers. Once you make the decision to buy and are satisfied with your choice, pay for it. Now you only have to wait for the product to arrive at your doorstep.

2. Request For Proposal (RFP):

As part of our commitment to provide our users with a unique buying experience, we have made it very easy for them to request proposals from different suppliers and service providers for the products and services they need. All they have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1.  Select their choice from the wide range of building products and services that our selected sellers and service providers offer.
  2.  Request for proposal from one or multiple sellers or service providers following BuildMart’s platform instructions.
  3.  Receive proposals from our sellers and service providers; review and negotiate them if you wish; agree on delivery and payment terms and conditions.
  4.  Approve the final proposal following BuildMart’s set procedures.
  5.  Generate a purchase order (P.O.) based on the approved proposal. After that, keep track of your project's implementation and management in all its financial and technical aspects all the way to completion by your service provider using the BuildMart platform.

Our customer service team will always be ready for any inquiry and available around the clock to assist users from beginning to end, from searching and ordering to after receiving.

3. Flexible payment methods compatible with the nature of the Building sector:

Since we strive to serve the BuildMart platform customers with helpful and practical solutions, we made sure to provide several methods to facilitate financial operations for them, whether they are services providers or services requesters.

- Easy and flexible payment methods:

- Supports --> Direct buy payments and purchase order payments (P.O.)

You do not have to pay the amount payments due are made according to the payment plan provided by service providers and on their assigned terms. BuildMart enables all service providers to identify different payment methods based on product type, order value, and total purchase order.

- The secure payment feature:

- Supports --> Direct buy payments and purchase order payments (P.O.)

Today, there is no need to request bank guarantees, release a bond for an order or open a bank credit account. Instead, BuildMart has found you the solution through its Protection Payment Policy. This policy provides our users with a safe and convenient payment process, where BuildMart acts as a trusted partner to ensure both parties' rights.

When a buyer chooses to pay with this feature, the buyer will be asked to pay for the selected product according to the plan agreed upon with the seller. At this point, the buyer pays BuildMart, a trustworthy intermediary. Following that, the supplier is informed of the receipt of the amount to start executing the order with confidence. Then, all payments remain under BuildMart's care until the buyer requests their release and confirms that according to the terms agreed upon between the two parties (i.e., the buyer & the seller or service provider), and BuildMart delivers those payments to the supplier.

- Term payment feature:

- Supports --> Direct buy payments and purchase order payments (P.O.)

BuildMart is developing a feature that allows suppliers to grant payment facilities to buyers according to terms and easy and flexible steps to ensure the rights of both parties.