About vendors

Who is a Vendor?

A vendor is a person/business that sells its products or services on BuildMart, a business-to-business marketplace. So, if you are a manufacturer, a brand owner, a retailer/reseller, a distributor, a trader or a service provider in the building and development sector, BuildMart is the right place for you to sell your products and services. You can list your products or services on BuildMart, reach the wider customer base and start receiving orders for your products.

How does BuildMart benefit the Vendor?

As the vendor is the basic building block of BuildMart, we were eager to offer him the greatest benefits possible. Among the many benefits that BuildMart vendors enjoy are:

  •  Expand their customer base and boost their sales.
  •  Sell their products directly by way of our Direct Buy feature.
  •  Get requests for proposals (RFP).
  •  Receive purchase orders (P.O.).
  •  Set the payment and delivery terms of their entity based on the nature of their business.
  •  Have the benefit of ensured payment protection with the Trusted Broker feature where BuildMart acts as a mediator between two parties for all received purchase orders.
  •  Documenting and organizing their operations to avoid problems and facilitate work.

Plus a host of other features vendors will discover as they use the platform.

How to become a Vendor?

  • Needed Documents

    For you to become a BuildMart vendor, you will need to provide us with the following documents:

    1.  A copy of the commercial register of the facility.
    2.  Statutory licenses.
    3.  A copy of the facility's tax certificate.
    4.  A certified letter from the Chamber of Commerce in the approved format.

    Once all these documents have been prepared, you are ready to register on the website.

  • The Registration Process

    The process of registering as a vendor can be accomplished in two ways:

    • 1st way: If you don't have a buyer account:
      •  Click the registration link at the bottom of the store.
      •  Fill out the registration form.
      •  Submit the registration request.
      •  Our team will review your request and, if all the information is correct, your account will be activated. Once this occurs, you will be notified via email that your Build Mard account has been created.
      •  Log in to your account to complete your information. You can also contact your key account manager to complete it for you. To get in touch call us at +966920008434 or you can drop an email at care@buildmart.net.
    • 2nd way: If you have a buyer account:
      •  From your dashboard, click “Become a vendor.”
      •  Fill out the registration request.
      •  We will look into your request. If all the data is correct, your account will be activated and you will be notified by email that your Build Mard account has been created.
      •  From your dashboard, click on switch accounts and select “Vendor Account”.
      •  After logging into your vendor account, complete your information yourself or ask your key account manager to do so by calling us at +966920008434 or dropping an email at care@buildmart.net.

    Note: It usually takes one to two working days for accounts to be reviewed and activated.

  • Commission

    For all the dealings that take place on the BuildMart platform, a fixed amount of commission will be charged in exchange for services in facilitating or completing a sale transaction.

    • Where to find commission percentages?

      Please visit the following link for information about our general categories commissions: https://buildmart.net/commissions

      In some special cases and up to the decisions of administration at BuildMart, a reduction on the general commission rate can be offered for special vendors’ accounts.

    • Where to check and manage commissions and everything related to it?

      You can check and manage everything related to commissions on your dashboard.

      Please note that commissions can be changed by BuildMart at any time. All the operations done prior to any changes in commissions will be subject to the previous commission guidelines and all your account will be handled in the mentioned basis.

    • How will commissions be paid for BuildMart?

         Any payment released for Vendors will be subjected to the deduction of commission and the details will be invoiced to the vendor account.

    • P.O. related to services

      Commissions related to services will be based on the service provided.

      In case the vendor is providing more than one service, the commission will be applied to the P.O. of rooting Request for Proposal (for example: If a Vendor provides design and contracting services and the P.O. generated from RFP has been submitted by a client from the Designers section, then the commission applied to this P.O. will be the Designers’ commission and not the Contactors’ commission) .In other cases, when the RFP is initiated from different roots, the system will ask Buyer to choose under which service should the RFP retain to ? Then commission will be applied accordingly.

    For support related to commissions.

    You can reach out to the BuildMart support team by calling at +966920008434 or dropping an email at care@buildmart.net.

  • Defining Terms

    Now that you have completed your registration, it's time to define your own terms, including:

    •  Payment terms.
    •  Delivery terms.
    •  Handing over terms.
    •  Refund, cancellation, and exchange terms.
    •  General terms and conditions.

Account Management

Good to go! Your store at BuildMart is now ready to be managed. From a single dashboard, you can easily manage users, addresses, finances, products, orders, RFPs and POs. The following gives you more details about each:

  • Users Management

    BuildMart gives you the flexibility to manage and assign roles for your account. You can:

    •  Invite multiple users for one account.
    •  Assign roles and permissions.
    •  Manage users.
  • Addresses Management

    Managing your addresses with BuildMart, You can add information about your physical store, showroom, Head office and much more. The features include:

    •  Add, delete & edit addresses and branches.
    •  Manage showing address in your profile.
    •  Manage allowing transfer of goods between cities.
    •  Manage allowing transfer of goods between branches in one city.
    •  Manage sharing addresses across your two accounts, both your Buyer account and your Vendor account.
    •  Assign address from map.
    •  Choose address type (Showroom, Head office, Home, Store & etc).
    •  Assign an address to allow self pick up from.
  • Financial Management

    We understand the complexity that comes with finances. With BuildMart, you have multiple options to work with in regard to financial management including:

    •  Credit/debit cards (Add, remove & update)
    •  Account statements (to keep a check on incoming and outgoing payment)
    •  BuildMart commission management (% on categories/services)
  • Products Management

    BuildMart enables you to completely manage your product. You have the flexibility to:

    •  Add - delete - edit products.
    •  Add all basic information for your product (Description, Bar Code, Keywords, Photos, Additional information, features & etc).
    •  Add more than one selling unit for the same product (e.g. Pallet, Box, Pc).
    •  Add more than one price on several levels (On selling unit/On ordered Qty).
    •  Add several terms of payment on several levels ( based on ordered Qty ).
    •  Add delivery fees (Payable, Free, or No Delivery).
    •  Add ​​Several terms of delivery on several levels (based on amount of order).
    •  Add handing over time and several terms on several levels (based on ordered quantity).
    •  Add terms of (cancellation, exchange, refund, warranty & etc).
    •  Add bulk products.
    •  API for inventory integration with all seller’s stores to update their stock inventory.
        Product Adding

       In BuildMart, you have two options for adding products:

    • Option 1: Adding one/several products already listed in the catalog:
      •  From your dashboard, navigate to "Products."
      •  Click on "Add New Product."
      •  Search for the product by using its name, code, category, or brand.
      •  If you find the product(s) you want to add, select them and press the "Add" button.
      •  Complete your product information by setting unit prices and defining shipping and inventory methods.
      •  Finally, publish the product.
    • Option 2: Adding one/several products not listed in the catalog:
      •  From your dashboard, navigate to "Products."
      •  Click on "Bulk Upload Product."
      •  Download the "Add Products Form."
      •  Fill out the form with your products and upload it.
      •  Submit the request.
      •  Our products/cataloging team will review your request and, if approved, you will be notified by e-mail. Upon approval, the products will appear in your account dashboard.
  • Orders Management

    BuildMart gives you the feasibility of managing all your orders at one place. You will have all the information about:

    •  Order lists.
    •  Order details.
    •  Delivery status (in process, ready to go, out for delivery, delivered).
    •  Delivery history at the product level.
    •  Order history.
    •  Order payments.

    As a vendor, you can manage the order delivery by allowing partial or complete delivery of the order and request delivery confirmation from the customers. Managing order payments will include: request payments, order statements, & payment status.

  • Request For Proposal (RFP)

    One of the most notable features of BuildMart is Request for Proposals (RFP). You can receive requests for proposals for products/services, decide on your terms and conditions and finalize the deal with a click. RFP management will give you the flexibility to:

    •  Manage RFP lists.
    •  Manage RFP details.
    •  Accept to participate.
    •  Send & receive messages between clients.
    •  Check status (pending, canceled, proposal accepted, submitted, rejected).
  • Purchase Orders (P.O.)

    BuildMart features, for ease, the purchase order. With digital purchase orders you keep track of your project execution or product supply up until the contract is fulfilled. The explicit details in the purchase order will enable you to fulfill the order with utmost accuracy and satisfaction. You will be entitled to have:

    •  List of P.Os.
    •  P.O. details.
    •  Request payment.
    •  Accept or reject a P.O.
    •  Send & receive messages between clients.
    •  Check Payments history.
    •  Track achievement.
    •  Track time.

Rating & Review

Each time a customer buys a product/service at BuildMart, they are invited to rate the vendor and the product purchased on a five-star scale based on (speed, commitment, quality, and price/value). As well, they can provide a written evaluation. Getting feedback will let you know what your customers like and dislike so you can make improvements.

BuildMart Customer Support

To get help with your BuildMart vendor account, don’t hesitate to reach BuildMart customer support by phone at 920008434 or by email at care@buildmart.net, and they can help you with all your questions.

*Disclaimer - In case of any discrepancy between the English version and Arabic version of this document, please consider the Arabic version.