Terms & conditions

1. Introduction

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before starting to use the platform and benefit from its services. It is recommended to review it periodically to follow up on updates that may occur.

The following terms and conditions apply to your use of the BuildMart platform, hereinafter referred to as "BuildMart" or the “Platform.”

Using the BuildMart platform, you confirm your acceptance and commitment to and understanding of the following terms and conditions of use and agree to comply with the platform's terms and conditions for access to services. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you must not use the platform.

As the owner and operator of BuildMart, Al-Nazm Al-‘Umraniyyah For Trading Company (NUTC) reserves the right to change terms and conditions from time to time. Accordingly, you have to review these terms and conditions periodically. Further, we do not have to notify you of any changes to the terms and conditions. By continuing to use the platform, you will be considered to have accepted the applicable terms and conditions in force at the time of your use of the platform.

These terms of use include the necessary guidance on how to use and benefit from BuildMart as a browser, user, supplier, or service provider. The use of the platform signifies your acceptance of these terms of use and agreement to comply with them.

2. Additional terms

The terms and conditions also include the additional terms that apply when you use the BuildMart platform, which is the privacy policy. This policy states the terms under which the platform processes the personal data registered on the platform. Additionally, the use of the platform is an agreement to such processing and a pledge that all recorded data is true and accurate, along with terms of packages and subscriptions to the platform and the service providers' agreement (in case the user of the platform is a service provider).

3. User acknowledgments

The user confirms that he accepts, complies with, and understands the following terms and conditions of use. In addition, he agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the platform in order to benefit from it. He also acknowledges the following:

    • Comply with all relevant regulations in force in KSA.
    • Comply with all requirements of government agencies in KSA, including but not limited to the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Investment.
    • He has the authority and legal capacity to contract and deal and ensure that all the information provided and necessary to register on the platform is correct, updated, and complete as required by the platform.
    • Maintaining the confidentiality of your login information (user name, password, etc.), which you'll receive after creating a user account and not revealing it to a third party, as part of our access security and privacy procedures.
    • The user is responsible for his use of the platform and any content he uploads. He also agrees that his use of the platform is subject to these terms and all relevant laws of KSA.
    • The Company reserves the right to disable any user account or password, whether chosen by you or assigned to you by us, at any time; And without the need to provide reasons for it.
    • In the event that the account is used by multiple persons and/or on behalf of the supplier or service provider, the person in whose name the account is registered is responsible for all activities and must immediately report any illegal or unauthorized use of the account. If you suspect that someone else knows your user account or password, you must notify us immediately at the following address: care@buildmart.net.
    • In the case of buying using Purchase Order (P.O), when the buyer requests BuildMart to release any payment to the vendor's account, the system will not allow the buyer to make any changes or cancel the payment. Upon placing the order, the process of paying the vendor begins. Thus, the buyer must determine whether he wants to release payment or not before placing the order.
4. Verification

User data will be verified in the registration process, either by one of the relevant government agencies, by matching your data or your facility's data to verify your identity or your right to use the services provided through the platform, as required by the terms and conditions. All the verification processes are automated (withdrawn from the Ministry of Commerce or the information center), such as national identity, person/facility status, and others.

5. Access to the BuildMart platform
    • The company does not guarantee the continuity and availability of the platform or any part of its content.
    • It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they are aware of and comply with the platform via their internet connection with the other applicable terms and conditions.
    • The user bears full responsibility for entering the platform from outside the Kingdom. The platform is designed for use within KSA and does not ensure that BuildMart content is available elsewhere.
    • The company has the right to refuse the user's evaluation or comment as it sees fit, and the evaluation provider has no right to object. The user’s evaluation may include ratings and reviews.
6. Prohibited uses

You can only use the platform for legitimate purposes. You may not use the platform:

    • In any way that violates local or international laws and regulations.
    • To intentionally send, receive, upload, download, use or reuse any material that does not comply with our content standards as set out below:
      • Transfer or assign to send any unwanted or unauthorized advertising or promotional material or any other form of similar solicitation (spam).
      • Knowingly transfer any data and send or upload any material containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, or any other harmful software or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer software or hardware operation.

You also agree to: Refrain from reproducing, copying, or reselling any part of the platform in a manner contrary to the terms of the platform's use. Refrain from unauthorized access, intervention, damage, or disruption:

    • Any part of the platform.
    • Any software used in providing the platform.
    • Any equipment, network, or software owned or used by any third party.

You must not use the Platform in any way intended to damage, disable, overburden or impair any servers or network(s) connected to our servers or interfere with any other party's use of BuildMart. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the platform or any other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to our servers through hacking, password hacking, or any other means. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information stored on the platform or the service or associated computers through any means not intentionally made available through the platform. You agree not to delete, or otherwise upload in bulk, any content from BuildMart, including without limitation any user list or manual loaded on the system, list of suppliers and service providers, user postings, or user information. Additionally, you agree to avoid misrepresenting or attempting to misrepresent your identity while using the BuildMart platform.

7. Intellectual property rights
    • NUTC owns all the intellectual property rights to BuildMart. Furthermore, all materials published on the platform are subject to Copyright Protection Laws, Trademark Laws, Patent Laws of the GCC countries, international treaties, and all other related laws that govern such rights. All rights are reserved.
    • You cannot modify the paper or digital copies of any materials you have printed off or downloaded in any way, nor can you use any illustrations, photographs, video or audio clips, or other graphics.
    • You have no right to use any part of the platform's content for commercial purposes without obtaining permission to do so from NUTC.
    • BuildMart is a registered trademark in KSA for NUTC. All trademarks not owned by us that appear on the platform are the property of their owners. You may not use any of these Trademarks, or any of their variants, for promotional purposes that in any way, intentionally or unintentionally, pretend or imply appearance or give the impression of a relationship between the user and such organizations/companies or your endorsement by these institutions/companies.
    • The platform does not include what grants, by implication, explicitly or otherwise, any license or right to use any of the trademarks displayed on the platform without the written permission of the owner of the trademark concerned.
8. Not relying on information
    • Despite the efforts made to update the platform's information, we do not pledge or guarantee in any way, whether explicit or implicit, the accuracy, novelty, and perfection of the platform's content, whether it is from the user and/or submitted by you or by any third party to the platform.
    • We do not undertake that the platform's content will meet your needs or expectations. Additionally, we do not guarantee the continuity of the availability of all or some of its parts, nor the absence of errors or omissions in any part of its contents.
9. Viruses
    • NUTC does not guarantee that the platform will be secure or free from bugs or viruses.
    • The user is responsible for adjusting his technological information, computer programs, and systems to access the platform and use his own antivirus software.
    • It is forbidden to misuse the platform intentionally by entering all kinds of viruses without exception. Further, it is prohibited to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the server on which the platform is stored or any other server, computer, or database related to the platform.
    • It is forbidden to attack the platform with denial-of-service attacks or publish program content. Moreover, NUTC will report any attempt to violate these terms and conditions to the authorities, cooperate with them, and disclose the user's identity to them.
10. Responsibility limitations
    • NUTC shall not be liable to any user for any loss or damage, whether in contract or tort, including negligence (whether direct or indirect), breach of legal duty, or otherwise even if foreseeable and arising under or in connection with the following without restriction or limitation:
      • Any fraud, deception, or distortion of the facts caused by the user's act, omission, or negligence.
      • The BuildMart platform is just an intermediary between suppliers and service providers to showcase their products and services and connect them with potential clients who use the platform. In case of default by suppliers or service providers, the platform is not responsible.
      • Use or inability to use the platform and understand its content;
      • Any losses arising from internet connection delays, suspension of the platform, or errors caused by failure of any telecommunication facilities. As well as any data transmission system including server failure, with our responsibility to exercise due diligence, provide technical support and troubleshooting;
      • And/or any losses resulting from the actions of any governmental or other entity or any force majeure act.
    • NUTC does not bear any responsibility for the discontinuation of the service for any reason. It does not guarantee the continuity and availability of the platform or any part of its content. We have the right to suspend, block, discontinue or change all or part of the platform without our prior permission. We are not responsible for the platform not being available for any reason at any time.
    • The user, supplier, and service provider each acknowledge their full responsibility (and that NUTC has no responsibility towards them or any third party) for any breach of these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law or regulation. Moreover, they bear any other consequences (including any damage or loss suffered by NUTC or any third party) as a result of any such breach. NUTC has the right to take the necessary measures and refer to the user in the event of any damage, whether direct or indirect.
    • Suppliers and service providers acknowledge and abide by their full responsibility for everything related to what is presented from their account on the platform. All financial, technical, or administrative data is an obligation on them.
    • Suppliers and service providers acknowledge and undertake to update the data entered on the platform periodically and in the event of any change to the validity of such data. They shall bear any consequences (including any damage or loss suffered by NUTC or any third party) due to their breach of this.
11. Modifications to the terms

These terms and conditions can be amended at any time, so please review this page from time to time as the new terms bind you from the date of posting on the platform.

12. Notifications
    • Notifications are made by any of the following means:
      • General notification via the platform.
      • Send an SMS message to the mobile number registered under your account information on the platform.
      • Send an email to your postal address registered under your account information on the platform.
      • Send a regular mail to your address registered under your account information on the platform.
      • View the latest modifications and updates in the Terms and Conditions section.
    • Your continued use of BuildMart after notifications constitutes your acceptance of the changes. In the event that you do not agree to the changes, you must stop using the platform immediately and close your account.
13. Applicable laws / Dispute resolution

The Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws and regulations of KSA. These are the laws adopted in settling any local or international disputes or claims. If any disagreement arises with respect to the execution or interpretation of the terms of these terms and conditions, we will do our best to resolve it amicably. In case this is not possible, the dispute shall be directed to Riyadh's courts, which are competent courts to settle all disputes, claims, and disagreements arising from the violation, termination, execution, interpretation, or validity of these terms and conditions or due to the use of the platform.

14. Language

The Arabic language is the official and approved language in drafting the terms of service agreement, and it is the only original text. There may be different copies of these terms and conditions translated into other languages, which cannot be relied on to extract the rights and duties contained therein if there is any conflict between the Arabic and the translation.

15. Contact us

In case of questions or comments about the terms and conditions or for suggestions, you can email us at care@buildmart.net or call us at 920008434 .

*Disclaimer - In case of any discrepancy between the English version and Arabic version of this document, please consider the Arabic version.